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-New promotional clip Aceites Toledo SA, 02/2015.

- Oliterra family of EVOO and Olive Oil products grows consistently in all markets.

Oliterra brand is one of our top sellers and a natural favourite in homes and fine restaurants around the world, where exceptional quality is the key ingredient. Available in a wide range of sizes, packaged in high quality tins and bottles.

- Does Olive Oil Prevent Stretch Marks or is it a Myth?

- Our brands are based on Quality. The company's efforts to maintain strict quality standards are continuosly recognized with the IFS Food ISS-UE6 Certification on Food Security in addition to the ISO 9001 on our Quality Systems.

- New Dintel Extra Virgin Olive Oil, pet 500 ml.

- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has an endless source of Materia Medica in Ben Cao Gang Mu, compiled by Li Shizen (1518-1593) during the Ming Dinasty. Current vertiginous modernization of China does not forget this curative tradition based on plants with medicinal properties and accepts olive oil in due right.

- In october 2007 we redesigned the rather boring web page we had at the time in order to introduce new concepts, contents and technology. Aimming at the improvement of communication with our clients, consumers and employees, we also wanted to add multicultural values to olive oil. We are proud that our path has many followers around the world and celebrate every visit to our home page. We love this tool!

June 2010: Aceites Toledo grows towards leadership in production and trade of Spanish organic olive oils. Brands such as Dehesa de Monreal, which is now also manufactured in the 250 ml. dorica bottle, and Zoe, in the U.S.A. market, are becoming popular around the world.

As olive oil sales increase throughout the different Asia markets, we get closer to their cultures and traditions. The important thing is not how the trick was done but rather the illusion it left on us. You can contact our Chinese delegation for Dehesa de Monreal and Dintel brands. You may also visit Oliterra Japanese Website.

Aceites Toledo S.A. is a major producer and supplier of olive and vegetable oils to food processors and food service customers, and is a leading supplier and packer of consumer olive oils, seed and cooking oils, whose experience and leadership date from 1.950.

Headquartered in Madrid, the company is a key reference in the international olive oil market, with two major industrial complexes in the Spanish provinces of Toledo (Los Yébenes) and Cordoba (Alcolea), where both packed and bulk oils are manufactured.

Our olive oils are sold worldwide, reaching over 40 countries: from the Asian emerging markets to the knowledgeable destinations of Italy, France or Portugal where, as in Spain, olive oil is a cultural tradition, more than a food, a way of life.

Toledo, as the group is known, produces a very wide variety of olive oils, both in bulk as well as in diverse retail packages.

Olive Oils: Protected Origin Denomination Montes de Toledo, Organic Olive Oils, Singled Variety and First Crop Extra Virgins, Coupage Selections, Refined, Extra Virgin, Olive Oil and Pomace Olive Oil.

Leading marketers of the renowned Cornicabra variety, from the Mountains of Toledo, both in bulk and in branded products, we are very active in the production and trade of the Spanish olive oil varieties. These include the extra virgin olive oils most demanded by the consumers around the world, such as Arbequino, Picual, Lechín, Hojiblanca and Picudo, among others.

Oliterra, Dintel, Dehesa de Monreal, Frutado, Olivier, and Donsol are major brands of Toledo.

The family of ZOE olive oils is exclusively produced for the North-American market.

You may contact the web page of our Chinese delegation for Dehesa de Monreal and Dintel brands.

Through its subsidiary plant Refinería Andaluza S.A., in Cordoba (Andalucía), the group is one of the largest operators of refined olive oils, with a current capacity of 200 tons daily, which by December 2009 will be increased to 350 tons/day when the new SoftColumn equipment adquired to the swedish manufacturer Alfa Laval starts its upcomming operations.

This reputable product, refined olive oil, is exported to a wide range of markets as a major ingredient in numerous food and cosmetic products as well as a perfect preservative agent for the fish canning industry around the world.

Seed Oils: Toledo is also an important trader and supplier of seed oils, both in bulk and in the packaged formats. Sunflower, High Oleic Sunflower, Grape Seed, Soy and Special Frying Oils are delivered to major retailers and industrial operators.

Private labelling projects are developed with key distributors around the world, in order to better serve the markets. You may check the chapter dedicated to Quality Certifications, in Company's page (check above), in order to find out more about our standard procedures as well as our policy in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.).

Toledo’s knowledge of agricultural commodity processing has been instrumental in the development of its industrial businesses. Expert technical support and quality service to clients are our major keys. We have the experience, knowledge and insight to help you succeed in your purchasing program. We collaborate with food manufacturers, food service, distributors and retailers with a focus on customer and consumer benefits.

This web is brought to you by Aceites Toledo, S.A. for informational purposes, free and personal use. Contents may vary upon the Spanish version which you can check by clicking on the banner above.

Please check the NEWS section for current corporate news in brief.

Access to directions and maps of our factories by typing "aceites toledo sa" in Google Maps. You may have direct access, in this page, to certain reports & editorial recommendations that are suggested periodically:

- Report on Corporate Social Responsability 2.008, which includes Commercial Ethics Code of Aceites Toledo S.A.(Spanish). See an English version of the current Code of Conduct (November, 2009).

- On Olive Oil History and Facts.

- The Olive Oil Times.

- Slow Food USA.

- FAO Report on Global Warming & Biodiversity on Foodstuffs and Agriculture.

- Real Madrid 2009/2010. We love Barcelona F.C., but regretfully we're back!

- The Living Planet Report 2008 and Video by David Attemborough, "A Portrait of the Earth."

- Listen to Radio Flamenco.

- Celebrate Darwin Year & Anniversary 1809-2009.

You can check an online weather banner in our Agro Division section. Videos of Toledo and Córdoba can be seen at the Downloads section.

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As a request from a number of clients around the world, we include a video with the global-theme-tune "Bad Romance", by acclaimed artist Lady Gaga, as well as an iconic peace by the legendary British group The Who: "We won't get fooled again". Both, Pete Townsend and Lady Gaga are known users of our olive oils.

We also pay homage to legendary musician Les Paul. Known as the father of electric guitar as for its innovations of numerous recording techniques that were applied to rock music, he died August 13th, 2009 at 94 years of age. Sad news were reported by Gibson Guitar Inc., with whom he was tied ever since the 50's. See a video with an interpretation of the song "World is waiting for the sunrise" by Les Paul & Mary Ford Show. You can also see the piece "Workscape no. 5 Agua", part of corporate project "Workscapes", produced by Juan Carlos Rubio for the YouTube Channel (September 2009 onwards).

In memory of Malcom MacLaren, (London, 22 January 1946 - 8 April 2010), we show a clip with his theme "About her". He had been attracted to the Situationist movement, which promoted absurdist and provocative actions as a way of enacting social change. Most of his ideas were put to work in the promotion of pop-rock groups he got involved with such as New York Dolls, Sex Pistols, Adam Ant, Bow Wow Wow. He worked as well in the fashion world, with Vivienne Westwood, and recorded his own songs in the 80's. His last hit was "Buffalo Gals Stampede", in 1998. McLaren died of mesothelioma on 8 April 2010 in a clinic in Switzerland. His body will be flown back to England to be buried in Highgate Cemetery, North London


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