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February 2015.

New promotional clip Aceites Toledo SA, 02/2015.

October 2014.

SIAL Paris, France. Oct. 19-23, 2014. Stand 2Q141

April 2014.

- The new Dintel Sunflower Oil and the Zane Family of formats are launched in Chinese supermarkets with great expectation. Bold designs and a superb cooking oil well balanced for Chinese frying habits, are key elements of both new lines of product from Jinan Toledo.

Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review, at IrixGuy's Adventure Channel

- As the two Madrid main soccer teams - Real Madrid & Atlético - are coping the top charts in every major competition, including the UEFA Champions League 2013/2014, Toledo's workforce following is divided amongst these two traditional rivals. The advantage being that we will always celebrate, Barcelona permitting.

- A delegation of Jinan Toledo Economic & Trade Co., Ltd was present as exhibitor at CFDF 2014 - The 90th China (Chengdu) Food and Drinks Fair. Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center (CCNICEC). Dates 2014/03/28 - 2014/03/31.

March 2014.

Juan Carlos Rubio, Exec. Dir. Intl. Op. of Aceites Toledo, talks openly about OLITERRA brand of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

- The 2014 D.O.P. Montes de Toledo from Dintel. When it comes to "Premium D.O.P. EVOO", the talk can take you nowhere else than to the heart of Castilla-La Mancha. Cornicabra olive variety is the only authorized crop in this historical D.O.P., where millenary cultures practiced the cultivation and trade of quality olive oils. Call +34 91 5416737 or mail Get to work with us and forget about the talk.

- Our historic past.
As we recently participated at Gulf Food 2014 International Fair, Dubai, we recover here our first marketing launching for a number of Arab countries in this area, dated 1983.

Arab countries: Current Dintel family of products specially designed for this geographical commercial region.

- New designs for the family of Dintel Olive Oils, Extra Light and Intense, pet format 1 & 5 litres.

November 2013.

- Interprofesional presents 2013-2014 Olive Oil Promotional Campaign in Madrid. From left to right, Teresa Perez (Interprofesional), Juan Carlos Rubio (Aceites Toledo), Pedro Barato (Asaja - Interprofesional), Raquél Díaz Cepero (Interprofesional) and Rafael Pico (Asoliva).

February 2011.

- International markets welcome Olivier new formats- 5lit tin & 1 lit glass bottle.

- Foodex 2011. Aceites Toledo will be present at Makuhari Messe (Nipon Convention Center). 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-Ku, Chiba-Shi, Chiba 261-0023 Japan. Stand: 3D02.85. March 1-4th, from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs.

- "Tradition in packaging/Old containers for Olive Oil", in February delivery of Toledo Calendar 2011.

January 2011.

- New formats for Olivier family and new promotional video.

- Videos: Learn to cook a wonderful Spaguetti Aglio & Olio Recipe - Pasta with Garlic and Olive Oil. Celebrate San Francisco with vintage Grateful Dead'S Franklin's Tower. Roll away the dew!

- Alberto Sánchez, Director of Export will be present at 2011 Fancy Food Show San Francisco, January 16th-18th, Booth 4128.

- "Moss: the oldest living vegetable", in January delivery of Toledo Calendar 2011.

December 2010.

- On Nutrition: Learn from labels, know what you eat.

- "Organic Olive Oil/Sustainable Agriculture" and "D.O.P. Montes de Toledo. Cornicabra Olive Variety". New corporate materials on organic olive oil and the extra virgin olive oil Cornicabra olive variety, Protected Origin Denomination Montes de Toledo produced by Aceites Toledo.

- Castillo de Prim: "Programa Alzando el Vuelo 2.010 Awards" SEO/BirdLife. November, 29th, 2010. Two awards were given to the two landmark properties of Castillo de Prim which had signed the conservation program of Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) and its habitat. Mr. Juan Carlos Rubio received the distintions at the ceremony conducted by Mr. Eduardo de Juana, President of SEO/BirdLife, offered at the Cordoba Botanic Gardens with the presence of authorities and representatives of the main supporters of the program, SEO/BirdLife, Caja Madrid, Fundación Biodiversidad, ADIF and Cordoba City Council.

- "The Crushing Mill. Cordoba Botanic Garden", in December delivery of Toledo Calendar 2010.

November 2010.

- Juan Carlos Rubio participates as guest speaker at International Conference - Bird Conservation in the EU: planning for recovery action and sustainable use. 23-24 November 2010. Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Natural Science Museum), Brussels. Programme of the Conference.

- El Olivar Aviario. Una fragil reserva de biodiversidad, valor añadido de nuestros campos y montes. You may want to practice your Spanish while reading Juan Carlos Rubio's last essay on the fragile relatioships between birdlife, migratory trends and typologies of olive grove yards. High density cultivation is very much questioned given its effects on conservation and related bad effects on genetics and needed diversity.

- Upcoming fair participation: FOOD & HOTEL SHANGHAI 2010. Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). Pugong-Shanghai. 10-12 November Stand Aceites Toledo D.O.P Montes de Toledo-Hall E6 Stand 6B-26.

- "Acebuche El Abuelo. The Oldest Olive Tree", in November delivery of Toledo Calendar 2010. Stroll through El Rocio (Huelva), in the surroundings of iconic restaurant El Toruño, to find this magnificent wild olive tree, "acebuche", named El Abuelo (the Grandfather), meter and a half in trunk diameter, above 800 years of age.

October 2010.

- The European Retail Round Table (ERRT) issues a report on "The economic benefits of retailer own-brands".

- Aceites Toledo announces its participation at SIAL International Fair, Paris, France, 17th to 21st October, 2010. Stand D.O.P Montes de Toledo, nº. 2 S 117.

- ZOE Diva Select 100% ARBEQUINA. Commotion on the web after Disney’s teenage star Selena Gomez revealed her secret drinking of olive oil before going on stage. Fact is that she learned the trick from country singer Kelly Clarkson. “You let it go down and it coats your throat”. Actually, you just have to navigate a little bit to discover that almost “everybody” in the singing business is in the “secret of olive oil” as a natural throat keeper and enhancer. Check out r&b singer Fantasia Barrino, also the vegetarian Bryan Adams and …guess who? Lady Gaga, who bathes in olive oil poured into a claw-foot tub by two handsome male nurses named Greg and Salvatore. Pop singer Clay Aiken and Debra Byrd, vocal couch for American & Canadian Idols are also into it. And the list goes on to actors and actresses such as Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise or even Sting, who produces his own olive oil. If you want to try out this miraculous recipe, we suggest you try our Zoe Diva Select 100% Arbequina! "You will be amazed". In the image at left, singers Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia Barrino.

- In october 2007 we redesigned the rather boring web page we had at the time in order to introduce new concepts, contents and technology. Aimming at the improvement of communication with our clients, consumers and employees, we also wanted to add multicultural values to olive oil. We are proud that our path has many followers around the world and celebrate every visit to our home page. We love this tool!

- "Olive Oil Travels", in October delivery of Toledo Calendar 2010. Trains, planes and boats as tools in the olive oil trade.

September 2010.

- Spanish trade associations report record average monthly olive oil output due to strong exports above 111.000 Mtons, which will reduce available stocks more than expected.

- "Behind the Union Symbol" goes digital. The quarterly magazine of the Orthodox Union’s Kashruth Division, which in only a few years has become the premiere kosher trade magazine, features technical articles on the scientific and halachic aspects of kosher food production, company profiles, tips on maximizing a kosher program, as well as sometimes whimsical and always fascinating articles on how the OU’s rabbinic experts bring their skills to more than 6,000 plants in 77 countries worldwide. A must read for food executives, marketing officers and plant personnel.

- Oliterra Extra Virgin Pet 1 litre receives new design improvements and goes on to more international markets.

- Gastronaut. Colman Andrews deals with the appearance of chef Ferran Adrià at Harvard University.

- "Tradition Local Party", in September delivery of Toledo Calendar 2010. In spite of the crisis, town authorities maintain tradition dynamics.

August 2010.

- Ready for summer heat, ready for rock & roll (and a small vacation)! Check the video with Albert Lee and the amazing Swedish group The Refreshments - with Johann Blohm at piano - playing Fats Domino's "I'm Ready". Also, check out classic Ray Charles' "I got a woman", with Chet Atkins, James Burton & Albert Lee!!! In the Spanish version, you can see additional videos from Spain (Cadiz & Gibraltar Strait).

- "Summer Botanics", in August delivery of Toledo Calendar 2010.

July 2010.

- ZOE introduces the new Diva Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in California with a blend of arbosana and arbequino olive varieties, locally grown. Arbosana variety originated at the Spanish region of Penedés, being one of the oldest known varieties. Its high yealds have adapted very well to Californian climate.

- We consider appropriate to publish again the text of the International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives. United Nations, Geneve 2005. IOOC Agreement/International Olive Oil Council.

- The colors of our Dintel brand, at the packing line, evoke the Spanish flag in the monthly delivery of Toledo's calendar, to celebrate the success of Spain's Football Team in the World Cup 2010.

June 2010.

- U.S. update: The Rosengarten Report -"At long last, the OLIVE OIL REVOLUTION is Here!". Issue no. 70, June 2010- make us feel on the right track with the following honorable mention:

"ZOE, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spain....Wow! This cheap, cheap Spanish oil kept surprising me in the tasting, growing in stature with every tongue-coating! (...) it's so drinkable and delicious..It's the price-quality ratio that puts it at the top of my list. Is this the Beaujolais of olive oil? Big apple-y taste, with green Picual undercurrent. Smooth, harmonious, then minor prickle in finish. House oil for proud householders!!!"

- Iberico Jam and Spanish Olive Oil are the secret arms of the Spanish soccer team, who aims to victory by playing the ball better...For those of you who will be at New York during the Cup, you can check out a selection of places to eat, drink and watch the games.

- Summer Fancy Food New York: 27-29 June, 2010. Jacob Javits Center. Level 3, Booth Aceites Toledo 2227.

- "Up beat packing with soundtrack"", is the theme selected for June in the Toledo Calendar 2010. In the picture, a packing line at Los Yébenes' factory.

May 2010.

- The International Garden Photographer of the Year 2010 Winners are exhibited at Kew Gardens (London) throughout September 2010. Video above.

- Aceites Toledo will be present at SHANGHAI NEW INTERNATIONAL EXPO CENTRE (SNIEC), PUDONG - SHANGHAI, China. BOOTH: E4 S 022. From 19th to 21st May, 2.010.

- "Watercolors, waterlights", is the theme selected for May in the Toledo Calendar 2010. In the picture the water reservoir at Torre de Abraham, in the heart of Toledo Mountains.

April 2010.

- New Donsol Grapeseed 500 ml. doric bottle is put out in the market. Ideal companion to olive oil in the international contemporary cookery, the new design of Donsol is called to shake an increasing segment of consumption.

- We've always thought Zoe is the best, but it's nice to be validated. Our new Marasca gourmet bottle has something special on the label that we're very proud of. The North American Olive Oil Association's seal of quality. It means that Zoe has been tested and meets the highest standards developed by the International Olive Oil Council.

- "Green as nature, permission, calm and security", is the theme selected for April in the Toledo Calendar 2010. In the picture a plant arrangement at Imperial Hotel (Tokyo).

March 2010.

- Visit Oliterra at coming FOODEX 2.010. From 2nd to 5th March, 2010. Makuhari Messe (Nipon Convention Center). 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-Ku, Chiba-Shi, Chiba 261-0023 Japan. Aceites Toledo's STAND 3D.01.10 . You may also check Oliterra Japanese Website.

25 YEARS IN JAPAN. Aceites Toledo celebrates twenty five years of commercial presence in Japan. General Manager, Mr. Juan Carlos Rubio started business in the year 1985 and will have the honor to commemorate these years of efforts and satisfactions along with the Japanese colleagues and the Export Manager Mr. Alberto Sánchez.

You can see a short film produced by Mr. Juan Carlos Rubio in hommage of the Tokyo Underground Trains: "Workscape no. 4: A murder at the Orient Express".

- New improvements are introduced in the design of the one litre pet bottle manufactured at Toledo's plastic plant at Los Yébenes. Endurance and better behaviour after filling and at shelves are the results.

- "Storage and Traffic", is the theme selected for March in the Toledo Calendar 2010. Storage tank and truck are pictured at Refinería Andaluza (Córdoba).

February 2010.

- Great Olive trees of Spain. Outside the Mezquita de Cordoba is the Courtyard of the Orange Trees (Patio de los Naranjos), which in springtime is perfumed with orange blossoms and has a beautiful baroque fountain (2nd half of c. XVII) known as the Fountain of the Olive-Tree with four spouts. One of them is traditionally known as the Olive-tree Spout after the nearing centennial tree which has also been the subject of many legends, as well as literary and musical compositions. Tradition relates that young ladies desiring marriage should drink water from this spout.

Video shows the interpretation of "A la Fuente del Olivo" (At the Fountain of the Olive-Tree), composition of Cordoban Luis Bedmar by the Armiz Choir.

- "Olive Oil Architecture", is the theme selected for February in the Toledo Calendar 2010. Buildings at Los Yébenes plant in Toledo are pictured.

January 2010.

- Aceites Toledo will be present at the 35th Winter Fancy Food Show at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, January 17-19, 2010. We will be delighted to receive visits. Come and join us.

- Land Custody. Two country farms property of Toledo's group in the heart of the Mountains of Toledo, sign agreements with SEO/Birdlife for the protection of the Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) in a critical area of 2.700 hectars.

- "Crop Storage", is the theme selected for January in the Toledo Calendar 2010. Storage tanks at Refinería Anadaluza plant in Cordoba are pictured.

December 2009.

- European Commission submits new EU Organic Logo to popular vote. You may enter competition in the following link.

- We celebrate the commercial relationship with our Vietnamese friends with the video "Hello Vietnam/Bonjour Vietnam" by Quynh Anh.

- Organic Agriculture Certifications. Through an agreement financed by the FSE (Europeo Social Fund) and organized by ASAJA Ciudad Real and Toledo, two employees of Aceites Toledo group, Juan Carlos Rubio and Daniel Dracsan complete the institutionally required Courses on Organic Farming, receiving the corresponding diplomas.

- Margarine and whales. We assume that the use of technology and science can add rationality and efficiency to our management of natural resources. But this has not always been the case. Read an article about the development of hidrogenation processes and its effects on the whale population.

- "Land of Birds", is the theme for the last delivery of Toledo's Olive Oil Calendar 2009. In the picture, a purple gallinule at Dehesa de Monreal.

November 2009.

- New web of the Chinese delegation of Dehesa de Monreal and Dintel.

- Set up works for a new refining column at the subsidiary plant of Refinería Andaluza S.A. (Alcolea, Córdoba).

- Food & Hotel Shanghai, 2.009. Toledo will be present at this fair, from November 18th to 20th. Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). Pugong-Shanghai. Stand DOMT- 2 B 29.

- "Land of Olive Oil", is the theme for the 11th delivery of Toledo's Olive Oil Calendar 2009.

October 2009.

- New advertisement pieces from the Marketing Dpt. Globally oriented, they give support to the current promotional campaigns in which our brands are involved around the world.

- Recommended reading: "Cooking from the heart of Spain: Food of La Mancha", by Janet Mendel, author of the "Traditional Spanish Cooking" (Frances Lincoln Limited, 2008). A rather surprising delivery that approaches the inner secrets of this region's cookery, with hundreds of well described recipes, situation articles and easy reading local topics. "In the autumn, Spain's central meseta, high plateau land, surprises with bursts of colour -russet leaves of vineyards, poplar trees by riverbanks spangled with golden leaves, sweet green of new wheat springing up. Ploughed earth is a strong mineral red. Sunsets above the vast plains streak the sky with violet, pink and periwinkle. Ruffled by wind, the leaves of olive trees shimmer silvery green (...) I have lived in Spain for many years and love its food from the inside and out. La Mancha, for me, is the "real" Spain -not Andalucía, not Catalonia, not the Basque country, not Galicia nor Asturias. This is Spanish cooking true to its roots and enticing in its future. The heart of Spain", Mendel writes.

- Aceites Toledo will be present at ANUGA 2009 International Fair, KOELNMESSE GmbH, Postfach 21 07 60, 50532 KÖLN. Dates: October 10th to 14th, 2009. Booth/Stand nro. 11.1. B020. Print your card.

- "Land of Cornicabra", is the theme for the 10th delivery of Toledo's Olive Oil Calendar 2009.

- Mr. Juan Vicente Gómez Moya retires. Director of Asoliva ever since the 1980's, he was shown general recognition and respect by the Spanish Olive Oil sector at his last meeting of the board of directors, which concluded with a special dinner in his homage. Many thanks again, Juan Vicente.

- This webpage celebrates two years of existence, since its inception in October 2007. Statistics provided by Geovisite -with general indexes above the 50 daily calls- reflect success in our conception of an electronic page. Rich contents that will be pursued upon the new technologies in order to best communicate corporate news of interest as well as cultural contents we feel are needed in the contemporary food business.

Happy as we could be, we are inserting the video-art piece "Alien Makes Contact!! (The S.E.T.I. Song featuring Billy Reid), dedicated to the commercial departments of our Spanish competitors. You can obtain the lyrics by double clicking on the video, further going to the right column in location. (Yuo are welcome!).

September 2009.

- Workscape Project. A new broadcast project by Juan Carlos Rubio distributed through the YouTube channel. For the next coming months, a number of short monographic films edited by Mr. Rubio, with different corporate topics -from plastic manufacturing to the species of Dehesa Monreal-, will be uploaded to YouTube for general viewing. The music soundtracks are also composed by himself. In our Agro Division section you can see the following four pieces: "Birdringing/Anillamientos", "Vanessa atalanta", "Nemoptera bipennis" and "Panurus biarmicus". Other pieces of this project can be seen in the YouTube Channel, and will be embedded in this webpage periodically.

- On the packing line: new Dintel Extra Virgin 250 ml. marasca glass bottle.

- "Time to Grow", is the theme for the 9th delivery of Toledo's Olive Oil Calendar 2009.

- Very good expectations for the organic olive grove of Dehesa de Monreal, whose trees are loaded with healthy olives of the Cornicabra variety.

- We've had a request for information on El Bulli so please check out videos on this acclaimed Spanish restaurant founded by chef Ferran Adria.

August 2009.

- The release of the film "Julie & Julia", based on the life of legendary American chef Julia Child (August 15, 1912 – August 13, 2004), brings gastronomy back in focus. From the early 1960's, Child's many books and television programs introduced the French-Mediterranean cuisine to the American mainstream. Nora Ephron wrote the screenplay for the film, which she adapted from Child's memoir "My Life in France" and from Julie Powell's memoir. The film, directed by Ephron, was released on August 7, 2009 with Meryl Streep playing Child.

- New merchandising campaign in China. Three category olive oils by Toledo are the subject of a new merchandising campaign specially designed for this market: Dehesa de Monreal Orgánico, Xtrísimo Dintel and Extra Virgin Dintel.

- As a part of our campaign "Toledo Olive Oil: We get it there!", we now celebrate two of the markets for our olive oils, China and New Zealand. We welcome our Chinese friends with a breathtaking collection of images from this wonderful country and, once again, we send our prouds to our old friends from New Zealand.

- A Flu: A Guide for an Emergency Plan for work centers in case of pandemic outbreaks (Spanish language). Pandemia de Gripe.

- Secret Olive Groves of Spain. A visit to the olive grove of the Natural Reserve of la Sierra de las Nieves, at the feet of La Concha Mountain in the Costa del Sol, discovers a beautifull landscape where the olive variety aloreña has received an official protection of its origin, the first table olive in Spain to attain such degree of protection. You may start with a breakfast at the Refugio de Juanar, once you have photographed the white and geometrical beauties of the town of Ojén, a village famous for its ancient alcohol destileries as well as for the singel Julio Iglesias, who has a vacation house here.

These are historical routes of the moor, laterly taken by XIX century bandits, then by mountain olive growers. Underneath the nearing Ronda everything is possible. Mountain goats and roe deer look at the sea from one of the most beautifull olive groves in the Mediterranean, where age equals beauty.

- Olivos Singulares de España. El Jardín Botánico de La Concepción de Málaga alberga una bonita colección de olivos históricos adaptados perfectamente al calor y a la sequedad. El ejemplar que encontramos en este rincón tiene más de 400 años y fue trasplantado desde Vélez-Málaga a La Concepción en el año 2000. Hoy día se encuentra perfectamente aclimatado a este lugar, floreciendo y fructificando cada año.

- "Toledo: Summertime Reds", is the theme for the 8th delivery of Toledo's Olive Oil Calendar 2009. Happy holidays to all our clients, suppliers and friends.

July 2009.

- Investments. Alfa Laval magazine reports on the instalation of SoftColumn at our Córdoba plant.

- New Zoe Extra Virgin 500 ml. See advertising: Zoe, Affordable Health Care.

- "Toledo: Natural Sciences in Food", is the leitmotiv of the 7th delivery of Toledo's Olive Oil Calendar 2009.

June 2009.

- Aceites Toledo participates at the 55th N.A.S.F.T. Summer Fancy Food Show, June 28-30, 2009, Javits Center, New York City. Come to see us at Spanish Pavillion, Upper Level, Booth 1715. New products launched during 2.009 will be available: Dintel Xtrísimo, Dehesa Monreal Organic, PET 2, 3 lit. and 500 ml., as well as the ZOE family of olive oils.

- Aceites Toledo and JCS Tradecom Inc., with the family of ZOE Extra Virgin Olive oils, are present at "Beyond Extra Virgin", the International Conference on Excellence in Olive Oil, Sensorial Evaluation and Culinary Arts. Freborn Hall, UC Davis. Culinary Institute of America, Napa. California, from 21st to 23rd June, 2009. Topics: Agriculture and Healthy Lifestyles; Elements of Quality and Style; Olive Oil Processing and Phytonutrients; Critical Control Points of Quality, from Cultivation through Distribution; Insights from the Frontiers of Research; The Language of Flavor Excellence & Diversity: What We Learn from Trained Panels, Experts, and Consumers; Exploring Regional Flavors; What Are We Talking About? Rethinking the Language and Marketing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Olive Oil and the Professional Kitchens: Flavor Strategies from Spain and Italy to California; The Art and Business of Olive Oil in Fine Dining: Towards a More Flavorful—and Profitable!—Model.

- Olive Oil as global culture/food crossover. See The Wiggles "Olive Oil" performance in the musical production Cold Spaghetti Western (2.004). Wearing Holstein-patterned chaps and mixing kangaroo references with Mariachi music, the Wiggles take on a Western theme in this eccentric hybrid of Australian and American cowboy life. The central plot revolves around the town fair's Country Cook-Off and the Wiggles' favorite chef Alfonso's "disaster pasta," a crushing culinary failure due to a missing ingredient. Greg, Anthony, Murray, and Jeff set off to find the all-important component aided by Foodman, Superhero of Sustenance. Along the way there is plenty of opportunity for singing ("We're cowboys, we eat fresh fruit when we can."). The highlight is the Spanish language "Cielito Lindo" sung--and danced--by a traditional Mariachi band. Despite a distinct lack of horses and cows, children ages 2 to 8 will enjoy the hour-long ride (Kimberly Heinrichs).

- "Toledo: Service in Olive Oil", is the leitmotiv of the 6th delivery of Toledo's Olive Oil Calendar 2009.

- How To's: See instructive videos on how to write olive oil in Chinese or how to cook an Spanish Tortilla.

May 2009.

- The adquisition of a new column for physical refining to be installed in Cordoba (Refinería Andaluza plant) will increase the refining capacity of the group to 350 tons/day.

- New promotional booklet on Dintel Grapeseed Oil and the healthy aspects of this oil.

- Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In a recent national tasting, Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded “Best Choice” and “Fruitiest Oil” by The New York Times. See info.

- The 5th delivery of Toledo's Olive Oil Calendar 2009, is dedicated to the memory of Aurelio Rubio Navarro (Feb 27, 1934-Apr 21, 2009).

April 2009.

- Tray Magic & Logistics: advantages and characteristics of Toledo's tray pallets.

- New promotional leaflets on Organic EVOO Dehesa de Monreal and Xtrísimo First Crop EVOO.

- Health Benefits to Drive Olive Oil Sales to $1.8B by 2013: Study.

- Scientists have pinned down the constituent of olive oil that gives greatest protection from heart attack and stroke. In a study of the major antioxidants in olive oil researchers showed that one, DHPEA-EDA, protects red blood cells from damage more than any other part of olive oil. See article.

- 4th delivery Toledo Olive Oil Calendar 2009, Gustavo Soro. See April issue "Audit & Quality Controls".

March 2009.

- Aceites Toledo S.A. receives MFAO 2008 Award. In the context of a special gala event cellebrated on the 26th of March at Priego de Córdoba Denomination of Origin premises (Córdoba), the President of Aceites Toledo S.A., Mr. Juan Rubio Navarro, received the MFAO 2008 Award out of an special contribution to the development and consolidation of MFAO (Mercado de Futuros del Aceite de Oliva). MFAO is the official exchange, regulated by the Spanish financial authorities (the CNMV), to trade futures contracts on olive oil.

- New PET 3 litres bottle.

- "The Rise of José Andrés" Inside the empire of 'the face of Spanish food in America'. An article of the Wall Street Journal by Katy McLaughlin offers the clues of current status of the Spanish food as one of the hottest things in high-end dining. The chef José Andrés cooks with ZOE olive oil. See video of José Andrés showing Dave Letterman how to cook with ZOE olive oil.

- Aceites Toledo, noted pioneer in the manufacturing of Kosher/Orthodox Union products. An article of the "Economía y Empresas" magazine offers information about Castille-La Mancha Kosher certified companies.

- Design of new bottle 500 ml. pet is completed to start production at Los Yébenes factory. See more.

- Foodex Japan 2009. Tokyo, March 3-6, 2009. Aceites Toledo booth number 5 at Pavillion 3D.01.43. See information.

- 3rd delivery Toledo Olive Oil Calendar 2009, Gustavo Soro. See March issue.

February 2009.

- A Delegate Comission of Aceites Toledo is formed (February 16th) by Mr. Juan Rubio (President), Mr. Javier Rubio (Vocal Member), Mr. Pedro Allo (Vocal Member) and Mr. Juan Carlos Rubio (General Manager). Its main task is to assist the President in executive management strategics as well as planning corporate goals for the future years.

- Aceites Toledo maintains cooperation with two Russian non-government organizations, Rays of Hope and Reto a la Esperanza. See pictures of meetings at Moscow.

- Earth Hour 2009. On 28 March 2009 millions of people around the globe will unite for one hour and switch off their lights to show that they care about our living planet. See WWF Program and Video.

- Aceites Toledo participates at Prodexpo International Food Fair, Moscow, Russian Federation. From February 9th to 13th. See information about the fair and Toledo's stand no.

- 2nd delivery Toledo Olive Oil Calendar 2009, Gustavo Soro. See February issue.

January 2009.

- Snowing in Spain (January 9th) causes delays in road deliverires. See picture of our olive yards covered by snow. See picture of Madrid.

- Announcing our participation at the Winter Fancy Food Show. January 18-20, 2009. Moscone Center. San Francisco. USA. Aceites Toledo Booth Number 3537. See flyer.

- Artist Gustavo Soro starts monthly series of Toledo Olive Oil Calendar for 2009. See January issue.

December 2008.

- Tasting event of Extra Virgin Olive oils from Castille-La Mancha at International Food and Hotel Show, Shanghai, China. See Pictures.

- Dintel Extra Virgin starts its distribution at Hong Kong stores. See Picture.

- Aceites Toledo participates at the International Food & Hotel Shanghai Fair, China, December 4th to 6th, 2008.

November 2008.

- New family of marasca bottles for Dintel E.V. Arbequino and Dintel E.V. Cornicabra D.O.P. Montes de Toledo. Formats available are 250 ml., 500 ml and 750 ml. All of them are produced with label and backlabel, stamps of Applus Traceability Certification program, as well as Protected Denomination of Origin Stamp numbering in the case of Cornicabra variety Extra Virgins. See images of the new products.

- Dintel Arbequino 08 campaign fully starts right after undergoing the ultimate Halloween test. Bats, witches and crowds of children on the run for sweets, discover, test and approve the new earthy delight.We believe in good traditions, and olive oil. That is why this year the new Dintel Arbequino 08 Extra Virgin Olive Oil was submitted to a difficult test coinciding with the cellebration of Halloween. In between bats, witches and children who exhausted the sweets, a smooth young feminine voice requested a bottle of the new Dintel Arbequino 08. She promised to return every month. See test in pictures.

October 2008.

- Aceites Toledo S.A. develops APPLUS Food Traceability System for Packed Olive Oils. Certification no. CC-ST-99/08, de LGAI Technological Center, S.A. See copy of certificate

- Aceites Toledo S.A. joins the North American Olive Oil Association (Association of Food Industries, Inc).

- Aceites Toledo S.A. will be present at SIAL 2008, Paris, International Food Fair. See press release.

September 2008.

Two new glass bottles of 250 ml complete the offer of Dintel E.V. Organic White-headed duck.
See complete news

August 2008.

A new text on the Historical and Organic Olive Grove of Dehesa Monreal is published.
See complete news

January - February 2008.

- Aceites Toledo will be present at Prodexpo International Fair, Moscow, February 11-15, 2.008. Pavilion Nº 2-Hall Nº 3, Stand nº C82. Fairgrounds Zao Expocentr (Krasnopresnenskaya Naberesnaya, 14-123100 Moscow-Russia. A child-aid program is sponsored in cooperation with Russian Non-Governmental Organization “Rays of Hope” (Moscow). See press release.

December 2007.

- Harvest of cornicabra olives starts at the P.D.O. Montes de Toledo groves of Dehesa Monreal. Date: Monday, December 17th, 2007. See press release.

- An agreement is signed for the constitution of the Dehesa Monreal Fund for the Protection of Species, based on the sales of the new Dintel Organic Extra Virgin, developed for such purpose. See press release.

December 2007.

- New Crop 2007 Dintel Arbequino arrives to the factory for packing.

Loyal product to the climatic characteristics of every crop, the new Dintel E.V. Arbequino 2007 is very much as original as last year's. Less aromatic might be a cata result, but once you get it on your senses,that is your mouth, as we say, it is a perfect equilibrium in the extra virgin range that will delight the fans of the "gusto perfecto", a crossroads where every connosseur encounters the way to the "equilibrate" nirvana, once more, of the senses, let it be said. Moderate then, but surely more aromatic than the regular arbequinos that will be put in the markets this coming year 2008, the new Dintel Arbequino has ideal properties for crude uses. Fruity like few others, it brings out the taste of truffled soils, dry poppies and wet herbs, with a light "picant" flavour in the aftertaste, qualities all proper of the very humid spring that Spain has enjoyed this past 2007 season.

- Toledo's Commercial Delegate for Indian Affairs, Marut Uppal, will attend pre-arranged visits during the International Food Fair IFE India 2007. Pragati Maidan Exhibition Grounds, in the heart of New Delhi from 06 - 08 December 2007. Aceites Toledo reinforces its current expansion in in the area after establishing commercial offices at Karachi (Pakistan) in the summer of 2007.

October 2007.

- Aceites Toledo participates in the 29th edition of ANUGA International Trade Fair for Food and Drink, Dates: October 13-17. Location: Cologne Exhibition Center, Cologne, Germany. Hours: 09.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m.

- The New York Times, in cooperation with the magazine Spain Gourmetour, publishes an special colour suplement on Organic Olive Oil and Wine from Spain, emphasizing the leadership of Aceites Toledo in this field. See article.

Corporate News in Brief

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