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- New video on Grey Herons of Dehesa de Monreal.

- Juan Carlos Rubio participates as guest speaker at International Conference - Bird Conservation in the EU: planning for recovery action and sustainable use. 23-24 November 2010. Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Natural Science Museum), Brussels. Programme of the Conference.

- A good oportunity to travel above Spain is by following the tracking done on four individuals of Egyptian vulture (Neophoron percnopterus) on route from the Pyrenees to the south of Mauritania. The web was presented by Spanish section of WWF.

- Bird of Monreal. First sighting of Red-knobbed Coot (Fulica cristata) at Dehesa de Monreal. Observer Tomás Velasco reports sighting on July 12th 2010. Rail that breeds in Northern Morocco, it is considered very rare in Central Spain. The picture taken by Velasco shows the bird (at left), possibly a male, with its characteristic red nodules on forehead, in a defensive attitude of its territory. A Coot (Fulica atra) is shown below.

- Read documents on (1) "Multifunctional Landscapes: why good field margin management is important and how it can be achieved." (2) "Proposals for the future CAP: a joint position from the European Landowners' Organization and BirdLife International." (3)"RISE Task Force on Public Goods from Private Land."

- Contact Web of Chinese offices of Dehesa de Monreal/Dintel brands.

- You can see the videoclip "I'm coming from Toledo" by artist manager Juan Carlos Rubio. Born in Toledo himself, Mr. Rubio composed, played and sang this tune in honor of the Cornicabra olive oil variety - P.O.D. Montes de Toledo.

- Video on the right pays homage to Spanish naturalist Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente (1928-1980), who was a regular visitor of Dehesa de Monreal in the decades of 1960-1970.

The new Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dehesa de Monreal is the consequence of years of research in the field of organic agriculture. The current results of its marketing are brilliant, giving us strengh in our corporate position on the sustainable protection of the environment.

The launching of the new product has counted with our experience and leadership in the production and trade of organic olive oils in the most demanding markets. Our ZOE Organic Extra Virgin is already a modern-classic in the North American market, attaining leadership in the new commercial market of internet sales through

- See a presentation of Dehesa de Monreal Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

- Read an essay on the organic olive grove of Dehesa Monreal (Spanish, so far): "La Dehesa de Monreal: Olivar Histórico, Agricultura Ecológica y D.O.P Montes de Toledo."

Workscape Project, (September, 2009). A new broadcast project by Juan Carlos Rubio distributed through the YouTube channel. For the next coming months, a number of short monographic films edited by Mr. Rubio with materials recorded at Dehesa Monreal throughout the years, will be uploaded to YouTube for general viewing. The music soundtracks are also composed by himself. You can see the following four pieces: "Birdringing/Anillamientos", "Vanessa atalanta", "Nemoptera bipennis" and "Panurus biarmicus". Other pieces of this project can be seen in the YouTube Channel, and will be embedded in this webpage periodically.

Since the 1950's the Agro Division of Aceites Toledo manages more than 5.000 hectares of forests, crops and livestock farms, in property, at the provinces of Toledo and Ciudad Real (Autonomous Region of Castille La Mancha).

A tradition in management that has learned to integrate land conservation and protection of species with productive investments in machinery, energy and farming equipments.

Agro & Stock Breeding

The Agro Division is an associate member of relevant institutions such as Cooperativa Amartajo de Mocejón (Toledo), Cooperativa Santo Tomás Cantuariense de Dos Barrios (Toledo), Cooperativa Avicón de Consuegra (Toledo), ASAJA (Toledo y Ciudad Real), APROCA (Asociation of Producers and Owners of Hunting Reserves of Castille La Mancha), among others.

Agriculture. Cereals (Barley, Oat, Wheat, Corn and Tritical), Beet, Peas and Oleaginous Plants (Sunflower and Flax). Grasslands for sheep (ray-grass, festuca, clover) and various fodder seeds (Sainfoin, vicia villosa and vicia sativa).

Olive Groves: Organic Olive Grove of Dehesa Monreal and P.D.O. Montes de Toledo. Syndicated Olive Groves of Castille La Mancha.

Reafforestation: holm oak, cork tree, quejigo, taray, pine trees.

- See pictures of Olive Harvest at Dehesa Monreal

Stock Breeding. Ovine: Pure "manchega" sheep breed for the production of lamb and milk. Protected Denomination of Origin of La Mancha Cheese "Queso Manchego", and Green Card Certification. Bovine: Limusin and Charoles breeds. Hunting reserves: Deer, Fallow Deer, Mouflon, Roe Buck, Wild Boar, Partridge, Rabbit, Hare, Wood Pigeon, Stock Dove, Turtle Dove.

Prevention Plans to avoid labour accidents and the risks of farm machinery are implemented, as well as other plans directly related to Organic Agriculture and to the use limitations on pests agents and weed controllers.


Environmental conservation activities and protection projects of particular species of fauna and flora in the farmland properties owned in Castille La Mancha, bear a very special relevance among the group.

Two fundamental and characteristic eco-systems are handled, as diverse as the wetlands of arid Central Spain, and the Mediterranean Forest of the Mountains of Toledo could be. In both surviving natural marvels, although very much endangered, the company runs specific plans in cooperation with the local Government of Castille La Mancha to protect endemic species with high levels of protection, such as the white-headed duck (Oxyura leucocephala) and the Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti), among other particular projects (bird ringing and tracking, aids to nidification, videographic inventaries of flora and fauna, etc) or general activities (census, reafforestation, etc).

Let us remind you that Spain, the closest inland European corridor to Africa, is probably the most important area for bird migration and nesting in the Western Paleartic.

Above the specific protection of endangered species, we are interested in the ecological processes. In this regard, hunting resources of both feather and skin species such as red partridge, deer or wild boar, among others, are managed in three hunting reserves in the provinces of Toledo and Ciudad Real, with their corresponding technical plans.

We regularly cooperate in diverse projects with relevant institutions such as ADENA/WWF (World Wildlife Fund), SEO/Birdlife, APROCA and EURING, universities and international scientific groups, as well as in the development of educational programs.

Watch a video from the organization Botany Without Borders, and an explanation on Climate Warming by David Attenborough.

Projects, Links & Calls

- Movie and TV Commercials Location. Dehesa Monreal has turned out to be an ideal location for the movie and advertising industries. Short distance to Madrid, landscape diversity and infraestructures, which include the property of XI-XII century Castle of Monreal and the reputed wetland, are characteristics very suitable for movie making. We offer experience, specialized konowledge and attitude needed in this field. Many producing companies have counted on us. For tariffs and prices please contact Dehesa Monreal S.A., Paseo Pintor Rosales 4 y 6, 28008 Madrid, mail or sms telephone no +34 620 810 569. You can see some productions filmed at Dehesa Monreal.

The 60 sec. commercial of Motorola RIZR Z8 was directed by Nicolai Fuglsig. Its sountrack is the theme 'Will You Follow Me' by Rob Dougan.

Making history. At right, you can see a picture of the making of "Condenados", a film from 1953 produced by Cervantes Films adapting the theater piece of the same titled authored by José Suárez Carreño. Directed by one of the important Spanish directors of its time, Manuel Mur Ortí, the leading rolls were played by Aurora Bautista, Carlos Lemos & José Suárez. Read (Spanish) a review from ABC newspaper, dated november 17th, 1953.

- As part of our C.S.R. programs, Dehesa Monreal sponsors the II Contest of Musical Bands "Villa de Dosbarrios", 18th July, 2009, Dosbarrios (Toledo). As we are proud of the musical attitude of this town, home of our land Dehesa de Monreal, we would also also like to share the presentation "Music and the Mind" of Professor Aniruddh Patel, of the Neurosciences Institute, discussing what music can teach us about the brain, and what brain science, in turn, can reveal about music (video at left).

- Botany of desire: an eye-opening exploration of the human-plant relationship with author Michael Pollan. Featuring Michael Pollan and based on his best-selling book, this special takes viewers on an eye-opening exploration of the human relationship with the plant world — seen from the plants' point of view. The program shows how four familiar species (the apple, the tulip, marijuana and the potato) evolved to satisfy our yearnings for sweetness, beauty, intoxication and control (video above at right).

- El mercado Chino reacciona con prontitud al lanzamiento en este país del aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico Dehesa de Monreal/Pato Malvasía. Es precisamente en determinadas zonas de China donde se puede encontrar una de las más grandes poblaciones de la especie. - White Headed Duck Report 2.000 (Spanish) by specialist José Antonio Torres Esquivias/University of Cordoba.

- Bird of Monreal. Reed bunting, Bird of the Year 2.009. With less than 25 grams of weight and only 15 centimeters of lengh, the reed bunting, a passerin that can be confused with an sparrow, leads the role after being designated Bird of the Year 2009 by the Spanish Society of Ornithology (SEO/BirdLife), precisely because its populations are in critical danger. Read (Spanish) the monography published by S.E.O. Photo Reed bunting/SEO/Birdlife. Photo Purple heron/Quique del Águila. Photo Black-necked grebe/Alejandro Torés.

- Bird of Monreal. Moustached warbler. The first census of the species in Spain was finished in the year 2.005. Seo/Birdlife published the monography "El Carricerín Real", by Joan Castany and Germán López, who had visited Dehesa de Monreal priorly, where they could encounter our population of this passerine.

- Bird of Castillo de Prim. Report on Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalbertii).

- Conservation Plan of Castille La Mancha Wetlands. - Ecosystems of Castille La Mancha. - Flora of Castille La Mancha.

- FAO Report on Climate Change and Biodiversity as to Food and Agriculture.

- See WWF-Birdlife International Report on European Policy on Olive Groves, read about sustainable agriculture and climate change, or learn further on environmental education.

- Darwin's Year Cellebration, Anniversary 1809-2009, Genetic Genealogy Project, (Science and medicine), RSPB for kids! from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

- After more than five decades, Walt Dysney returns to documentaries with the spectacular production "The Crimson Wing - Mystery of the Flamingos": December 12th, 2008 (Lake Natron). Lesser flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor). Watch a trailer. You can also see the "Born to Travel" campaign by BirdLife International.

- Follow the lead of Miriam Anllo, artist and designer responsible for the graphic identity program of Dehesa Monreal.

- Link to Birdwatch, the home of birding.

- Multilingual European Bird Diccionary.

Distinctions & Awards

- Castillo de Prim: Awards "Programa Alzando el Vuelo 2.010." SEO/BirdLife. November, 29th, 2010. Two awards were given to the two landmark properties of Castillo de Prim which had signed the conservation program of Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) and its habitat. Mr. Juan Carlos Rubio received the distintions at the ceremony conducted by Mr. Eduardo de Juana, President of SEO/BirdLife, offered at the Cordoba Botanic Gardens with the presence of authorities and representatives of the main supporters of the program, SEO/BirdLife, Caja Madrid, Fundación Biodiversidad, ADIF and Cordoba City Council.

- Dehesa de Monreal: XIV AEDME Award 2004. The Spanish Association for the Development of Corporate Sponsorship awarded Aceites Toledo group with this relevant distintion in the field of Environmental Patronage and Corporate Social Responsibilty. The Jury took into consideration the continuous support that the group bestows to the territory of Dehesa Monreal. In a solemn act cellebrated on the 23rd of November of 2.004 at the Casa Llotja de Mar (Barcelona), Mr. Juan Carlos Rubio was handed the pretigious award by Mr. Salvador Milás, Counselor of Environment at the Government of Catalunya (ICV-Verds), who in his discourse highlighted all the efforts and support that the awardees bestowed at the creation, in 1974, and the continuous maintenance of the wetland of Dehesa Monreal. This land is considered today one of the most important private reserves of flora and fauna in Spain; it is of international significance for bird migrations and for resident birds, conservation and nesting of various endangered species such as the white-headed duck (Oxyura leucocephala), as well as for the survival of a list of endemic species of iberian flora.

- Dehesa de Monreal: IV FONDENA Award 2.003. The FONDENA Awards, whose solemn institution is presided by H.M. the King of Spain Juan Carlos I, take place every two years and are prized with the figure of 60.000 euros. As the most important Spanish award in the field of Environment, the list of prizewinners ever since their creation in 1997 is very relevant: Professor Mr. César Gómez Campo (Superior Engineering School of the University Complutense of Madrid), (1997); Mr. José Antonio Valverde, biologist and pioneer naturalist (1999); ADENA/WWF -World Wildlife Fund- (2001); Dehesa Monreal (2003); Royal Botanical Gardens of Madrid (2005); Mr. Benigno Varillas, founder of the nature magazine Quercus (2007). The award was received by Mr. Juan Rubio Navarro in the context of a very solemn act cellebrated at the Main Auditorium of C.S.I.C. (Superior Scientific Investigation and Research Council of Spain) on the 18th of November of 2.003, under the presidency of H.M. the King of Spain Juan Carlos I, and the assistance of relevant presonalities of Environmental Policy and members of the Governments of the State and of Castille La Mancha. The awardee was presented by the Chancellor of the University of Castille La Mancha, Mr. Luis Arroyo, who highlighted the merits of Dehesa Monreal in the "significant contribution to environment throught the creation and continuous care (1974-2003) of a relevant complex of wetlands of national and international importance for the birds".

- Honorific Mention Henry Ford European Conservation Awards 1997. Mr. Rubio Navarro's iniciative obtained first recognition in 1997. The newly created European Ford Foundation, under the presidency of Mr. William Clay Ford Jr., considered the merits of Dehesa Monreal and awarded the Honorific Mention based on "its relevant contribution to the conservation of natural environment and to people's cultural heritage".

Weather Forecast.

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- Bird sounds: the Lyrebird, documentary by David Attenborough. High Velocity Peregrine Falcon (Bird of Monreal).

- Fungi plant growth. Gigant waterlillies from the Amazon.

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