Aceites Toledo S.A.

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Aceites Toledo S.A.

Aceites Toledo S.A.

Headquarters: Aceites Toledo S.A.
Paseo del Pintor Rosales, 4 y 6.
28008 Madrid. España.

Tel General: +34 91 541 6737
General Fax: +34 91 559 9808
List of emails:

Página Web: Employment Requests/Human Resources: Mail a letter of presentation and your
C.V. to

Los Yébenes Factory (Toledo): Aceites Toledo S.A.
C/ Concepción, 47.
45470 Los Yébenes, Toledo.
Tel: +34 925 320047
Fax: +34 925 321112

Alcolea Factory (Córdoba): Refinería Andaluza S.A.
Ctra N-IV, Kmtr. 389
14610 Alcolea, Córdoba.
Tel: +34 957 32 0308
Fax: +34 957 320273

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