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Aceites Toledo S.A. exports a significant part of its production to the international markets, branded oils in a large variety of sizes and formats such as glass, lithographed tins or pet bottles. The main brands are Oliterra, Dintel, ZOE, Dehesa de Monreal, Frutado, Olivier and Donsol, among others, all of them are international trademarks present in the different markets since decades ago.

We suggest that you also consider a number of formats, particularly in pet plastic and related designs, that we have been successfully producing for mature markets such as those of the E.U. These formats are regularly displayed in the Spanish version of this web. As emerging countries are getting more familiar with the common uses of olive oils, their consumers are following the trends that Europeans enjoy as first market of consumption for olive oils.

Oliterra - A leading brand in Japan and other Asean markets, where it was introduced in the early 1980's.

Organic Extra Virgin; Cornicabra P.O.D. Montes de Toledo Extra Virgin; All Purpose Extra Virgin; All Purpose Olive Oil (Extra Light, Light and Intense)

Dintel - Xtrísimo First Crop Extra Virgin (Arbequina & Cornicabra); Cornicabra P.O.D. Montes de Toledo Extra Virgin; Arbequino Extra Virgin; All Purpose Extra Virgin; All Purpose Olive Oil (Extra Light, Light and Intense).

Dehesa de Monreal - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (White-headed Duck).

Olivier – Pomace Olive Oil improved with virgin olive oil.
Donsol – Sunflower Oil; High Oleic Sunflower Oil; Grapeseed Oil.

The Zoe Family of Olive Oils was originally developed for the U.S. market, but is already available in other countries of the world.

Retailer own-brands - Other branded products are developed in cooperation with major retailers and distributors upon the characteristics of every market of destination. Our Graphic and Industrial Design Dept. has wide experience and technichal tools to help you in the development of new products. As your partner, we offer a wide knowledge of olive oil markets and resources to produce coupages and blends of quality extra virgin olive oils suited to the different international demands.

Count with us for your branding!


Dintel. A golden tradition highlights a new generation of oils.

Almost a cult object in Central Spain, Dintel is an exceptional quality olive oil of superior category, an equilibrate balance of taste, flavour and aromas ideal for every demanding table. Coming in experienced & well-balance coupages, the Extra light or the More flavour, both a selection of notorious cornicabras, picuals or hojiblancas, it obtains extraordinary results in the bottle: a range of multipurpose olive oils very much liked by consumers.

Among Spanish extra virgins, Dintel Extra Virgin is a classic product, a reference in consumer tastes. And the real jewel is the Cornicabra P.O.D. Montes de Toledo. Exclusively made from the fruits of the Cornicabra olive variety, which originated in this region, it has won numerous quality awards and is a key reference in panel tests, among them the prestigious "Premios Gran Selección", where year after year the best products of Castille La Mancha are distinguish.

Dintel Extra Light 0'4º: (Red Label) Multipurpose Olive Oil for those with lighter preferences in taste. A versatile must in your kitchen.

Dintel More Flavour 1º: (Green Label) Multipurpose Olive Oil rich in flavour. Ideal for frying fish and vegetables.

Dintel Extra Virgin: (Black Label) Extra Virgin Olive Oil for regular purpose in salads and deep fries with mediterranean character.

Dintel Cornicabra P.O.D.: Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.O.D. Montes de Toledo, a genuine Cornicabra olive variety oil that will enlightend your kitchen at an affordable price. Surprising! Second largest olive variety in Spain to Picual, but highly priced due to its quality, it is widely exported, re-exported and blended with other varieties due to its high organoleptic stability. Dintel Cornicabra Extra Virgin assures you the top of the class in this genuine category.

Dintel Arbequino Extra Virgin. A sister product in every shelve to the Cornicabra P.O.D. Montes de Toledo. Uniquely fruity as fragile, you may enjoy a comparative taste of the Cornicabra and the Arbequino extra virgins: a world of senses and culinary experiences. Due to its early annual production, around the month of November, all clients are advised to request timely supplies, starting September, to allow our Agro/Cata departments to project the needs for this product.

The Red Dot family of labels is a 2006 restyling of our Design Dept. Aimed at the clear positioning of a distinguisable family of olive oil products offered around the world, it refers to the understandable premises of quality and price. As in the contemporary art world, the red dot means "Sold", a happy encounter, satisfaction, a long-standing compromise in between seller and buyer. Join us at this point!

Dintel Xtrísimo First Crop Extra Virgin (Special Blend Arbequina & Cornicabra). An exceptional "First Crop" extra virgin that blends two of the most complementary olive varieties: the serious character and stability of the Castillian Cornicabra with the fruity vigor of Arbequina. The resulting coupage is a world of sensations and a major statement in the olive oil nirvana. Read more on Xtrisimo First Crop.

The Dintel family of olive oil is available in a wide variety of formats, such as pet bottles, glass bottles of the Vidrala or Marasca series, as well as lithographed tins of various net contents, or an adaptable array of targeted quality/price options.

Being one of the leading european olive oil packers, Aceites Toledo's steady growth is based on logistics, the experienced knowledge of the olive oil agricultural world in the Mediterranean countries, the loyal clientele who appreciates our permanent service in the quite offen difficult market of olive oil.

Dehesa de Monreal Organic Extra Virgin White-headed Duck. Way beyond regular State-extra virgins, this olive oil is just a product of a very serious aged involvement with the new scientific approaches to olive cultivation as well as to strict traceability in terms of loving care for the natural environment, where the olives are nurtured. An outstanding combination, rare in the olive oil world: historic olive groves dated as far back as the presiding XII century Castle of Monreal; one of the best cared for private wetlands for European migratory birds, a deep attitude towards organic agriculture -although very much old-fashion, mostly driven by certain late seventies Californian touch- and, above all, an incredible quality extra virgin olive oil. See more about this wonderful experience in the Agro section (above) or check a preview of our work at Dehesa de Monreal.


Oliterra. When the Spanish Sun travels around the world.

Superlative purity and freshness are the keys of the Oliterra family of olive oils. Gourmets and chefs enjoy a whole new set of tastes, bouquets or nuances, upgrading culinary creation. Not only olive oil is the healthiest cooking oil, a fundamental part of the Mediterranean Diet -the healthiest heartwise-, what we now have is a true feast for the senses.

Unlike the limitations of single variety producers of a given geographical area, our expertise is spent in the selection of oils from different regions and varieties, as well as in the audit and request for procedure credentials to third agricultural parties and affiliated producers, throughout the crop year. At Toledo, we are familiar with consumer tastes and appreciate the existing differences among the various culinary traditions around the world.

Oliterra is a product of extraordinary purity, the simple juice of impeccable olives, a result of decades of testing and selecting the very best oils from Spain. The Oliterra brand has a distintive marketing in countries such as Japan, China or those of the ASEAN region, where the company is very active, among others where our efforts are producing steady results.

Our quality controls are very strict as well as are part of the internal life of the company from the outputs generated by two twin laboratories (Toledo & Cordona) managed by the professionals of our Quality Dept., where olive oil research is conducted through agreements with academic insititutions, such as the University of Castille-La Mancha (Quemistry and Food Technology Faculties). Certifications and audits from a large number of independent control institutions and major retailers are met and provided for such demanding markets as the European Common Market - the world reference in food quality standards-, Japan or the United States.

Oliterra is the result of decades of experience as olive oil suppliers of the world markets. A sensational olive oil that comes from the richness produced by the climatic differences of the best lands of Spain.

You can see a bilingual presentation of Oliterra olive oils


Olivier. Pomace Olive Oil improved with Virgin Olive Oil.

Like Olive Oil, Olivier Pomace has no cholesterol and contains a smart blend of refined pomace olive oil and selected virgin olive oil.

The result is a Pomace Oil of best quality, very low in acidity and a superior contents of virgin oil than any other oil in the market.

Olivier: Pomace Olive Oil – Pet Bottles of 1 and 5 litres. Lithographed tin of 5 lit. and Glass bottle of 1 lit.


Donsol is 100% refined oil, healthy and nutritious, for those who like its charasteristic flavor. 15 grams of Donsol (equivalent to an spoonfull) offer the daily recomended allowance of vitamin E (10 mgs.). High Oleic Sunflower is a good price-quality option for frying, with a composition similar to olive oil, in fatty acids (70-85%). It contains more vitamin E and remains 70% more stable in time, at 180º, than regular sunflower oil, so that it can be used more times.

Donsol: 100% Refined Sunflower. – Bottles of 1, 3, 5 and 25 litres. Also supplied in bulk.

Donsol High Oleic Sunflower. – Bottles of 1, 3, 5 and 25 litres. Also supplied in bulk. High oleic sunflower oil is very high in oleic (monounsaturated) acid (having a minimum 80 percent oleic acid, as usually defined). It has a very neutral taste and provides good stability without hydrogenation. Its uses include bakery applications, spray coating oils for cereal, crackers and dried fruit, non-dairy creamers and certain types of frying.

Donsol Grapeseed Oil:
Versatile, delicious and good for you too! Made from pressed grape seeds after wine production, it is low in saturated fat, easily digestible and cholesterol free. Ideal for high temperature cooking or whenever your recipe calls for oil. Neutral in flavour, this oil is perfect for dipping. The best companion of Olive oil in the kitchen.

Organic Gourmet

Even though our factories are prepared for the large industrial series, our love and understanding of the different demands on olive oil and, above all our versatility, enable us to work, year after year, with the different packaging formats and olive varieties from Spain and from the best producing areas of the Mediterranean producing countries, such as Cornicabra, Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Picual, Picudo, Frantoio and Koroneki, among others of a lesser production.

A very relevant effort is applied to the obtention of extra virgin olive oils from the Cornicabra olive variety. With historical origins traced to the lands of Toledo, this variety is currently protected by the P.O.D. Montes de Toledo, being its only variety of olive. Aceites Toledo works with the Cornicabra olive ever since the 50's, an experience that has no comparison among producers, and it is today involved in the sponsorship of a number of relevant studies conducted on this variey of olive by the University of Castilla La Mancha, whose results are offered in the amazing extra virgin oils that we can market throughout the world.

Our experienced "cata" department selects lots from production areas of the different varieties, the extra virgins of the P.O.D.'s, those of note obtained at the very first harvest, or the best organic e.v.o.o.'s, which will be bottled for our brands and selected clients around the world, in the diverse packages that we are prepared to supply.

Organic Gourmet

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